What is Targeted traffic?
There is a lot of confusion and misleading opinions regarding the meaning of this term, so we decided to dedicate a special article to the matter.
How to get Targeted traffic from social networks?
Social networks are filled with potential customers just as search engines. The difference is, in the search engines can’t directly see your audience, while on social media you can. It’s like radio and telephone.
Using Google Analytics for Targeted Traffic
To increase your digital marketing performance, you have to access the relevant data and analyse it turning it into useful conclusions and decisions. You can use lots of various tools but almost surely Google Analytics will be one of them.
How does Targeted traffic affect Alexa Rank?
As a global website ranking service, is about as old as Google, but very different from it. Unlike search engines, Alexa only gets data from its Alexa browser toolbar users as they surf the web and updates its global rank daily.
Benefits of targeted traffic for unique visitor traffic
If you run a website you definitely want it to get more targeted visitors and higher conversions. For this to happen, you want the website to be highly valued and properly categorized by various systems including Search engines, Rating services such as Alexa or industry-specific aggregators, and of course by the end users themselves.
How to get Targeted traffic for free?
In one of our previous articles, we discussed the importance of targeted traffic as it really improves your website’s profitability.
Is Organic traffic also targeted traffic?
As we have already discussed before, targeted traffic means users who have got to your website by clicking on a link that determines their specific goal (need).